Japan’s New Fad: Terrible Teeth

Did your parents spend thousands of dollars on orthodontics to make your smile straight and fashionable? Well don’t you feel foolish now. Turns out the new big fad (in Japan at least) is crooked teeth.

A Ginza based dentist named Salon Plaisir glues on what’s called Tsuke-yaeba — or Stick-on Crooked Teeth. The prevailing theory over there is that most men find women with too few flaws unattainable thus scaring away potential suitors. The imperfect gnashers make women just the right amount of fucked up to be snaggable. Kinda like Tina Fey.

imperfectteeth1.jpg Those cursed with perfect teeth should expect to shell out around ¥30,000 ( or $390) for the short procedure. Though performing the procedure might ensure that you have a set of real-life damaged teeth. Tokyo orthodontist Masaru Iwatsuki says “It’s a crazy idea. Teeth have holes to let oxygen in. Covering them is bad for the tooth’s health.”

(Source: CNN)


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