13 Creepy Old School Dental Instruments

If you think the dentist’s office is scary now, imagine how it was centuries ago when these dental tools were used…

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Baddest Celebrity Grills

Bling-frosted grills have been part of the hip-hop scene since the early ‘80s, when Flavor Flav and other rappers in New York started showing off their shiny gold caps. Since then dozens of rappers and other celebrities have jumped onto the wave, sporting every sort of grill from smooth, solid gold to sparkly, diamond-encrusted veneers.

Here are some of the baddest celebrity grills on the scene, including some you might not have expected…

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Tooth Tattoos: Pimp Your Grill Ink-Style

It’s one of the latest growing trends, and one of the least painful ways to get a tattoo. Curious ink fans are sporting grill tats, tattoos inked directly onto their front teeth, for a nice piece of colorful bling to show off to their friends.

The tats don’t need any recovery time, and only require a few hours to dry and set before you can eat, touch them and even brush your teeth.

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5 Substances That Will Seriously F Up Your Grill

You want to keep your grill looking sharp so you can show it off at the club, right? Then you’ve got to give it the proper respect and make sure nothing steps in to smash its mojo. Because the grill is central to the mojo. Once you lose that, you might as well just stay home and watch Mythbusters reruns.

These substances are notorious for taking sparkly, shiny grills like yours and thrashing them righteously and without remorse. When you’re using them, remember to be careful and maintain your grill. Otherwise you’ll be out one grill, and that’s all bad.

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