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Shoes With Bite!

London designers Fantich and Young have created a pair of shoes you can really sink your teeth into – or at least someone else’s. Introducing the Apex Predator shoes: a pair of dining shoes whose soles have been covered in … Continue reading

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Dental Hygienist Sues Dentist for Giving Her Herpes

It’s a story of internet love gone awry. She was a 49-year old dental hygienist from Beaverton, OR. He was a 69-year-old retired dentist living in Portland. They met on eHarmony, had a date, smoked a little pot and then … Continue reading

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Jilted Lover Pulls Out All of Her Ex’s Teeth

It’s always awkward when you see your ex’s out in public – especially if it ends badly. Polish dentist Anna Mackowiak had just broken up with her boyfriend when just days later he showed up at her practice complaining of … Continue reading

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12 Frightening Instances of People Impersonating Dentists

Most people take for granted that their dentist is competent — and has gone through the proper legal channels to certify this fact — but as the examples below indicate, there is a disturbingly large number of individuals in the … Continue reading

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Wearing Gloves Does Not Mean a Sterile Medical Environment

Just because your dentist is wearing gloves does not mean that his hands are clean. In fact, a recent study in the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology concluded that just the opposite is true. The study looked at more … Continue reading

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A Little Dental Assistant Humor

How about a little dental assistant humor to get you through your work day? I think we’ve all been there, right?

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Japan’s New Fad: Terrible Teeth

Did your parents spend thousands of dollars on orthodontics to make your smile straight and fashionable? Well don’t you feel foolish now. Turns out the new big fad (in Japan at least) is crooked teeth. A Ginza based dentist named … Continue reading

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Uninsured Man Dies from Toothache

Unemployed, without insurance and unable to afford to have his wisdom teeth pulled Kyle Willis was given two prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medications and sent home. The 24-year-old father couldn’t afford both so he chose the pain medicine and … Continue reading

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Ten Celebrities Who Have Fixed Their Teeth

You see it everywhere on the red carpet, in the tabloids, on stage. They call it the ‘Hollywood Smile’ – those perfect sets of pearly whites gleaming in the spotlight. But not everyone gets to the top in Hollywood with … Continue reading

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Man Gets Prince William and Kate’s Faces Tattooed on His TEETH

Royal wedding fever has taken hold of everyone on both sides of the pond – but perhaps none moreso than a plumber from England named Barmy Baz Franks. Barmy recently spent £1,000 and six hours in a dentist’s chair getting … Continue reading

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